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Part 8 of an 8 Part Series on How to Create a Website – Create and Upload Videos

How to Create a Website Step 24 Create and Upload Videos

How to Create a Website Step 24 Create and Upload Videos.

Part 8 of an 8 Part Series on How to Create a Website – Create and Upload Videos.

Previously in create and upload videos part 7 we talked about video stabilizer systems and the production value of a camera dolly and jib crane. In part 8 we will be talking about an interesting new tool the suction cup camera mount and more mainsteam tools such as cotton muslin backdrops and video editing software.

Video Production Suction Cup Camera Mount

Some equipment comes along and it is just so cool it just has to be mentioned. It might not be every day that you need a car camera mount to film a car chase sequence or mount a camera high up on a window, but should you ever need to, the suction cup camera mount is up for the job. The Delkin Devices Fat Gecko double and double Mini suction cup mount enable you to mount your camera on really any smooth glass like surface with its car suction mount. This opens up even more options like mounting a water proof camera to a surfboard or boat for that unusual shot.

A person is only as good as their tools and with cost ranging between $29.99 and $69.99 you can afford to increase your possibilities.

Video Production Cotton Muslin Backdrops

When you create a website video interview most productions use studio cotton muslin backdrop backgrounds in either white, black or chroma green. With additional post production work the chroma green screen can appear to be any studio backdrops you choose, even video.

The best cheap muslin backdrops and stand system we found for the price is the Three Prism 10×20′ Cotton Muslin Backdrops and Ravelli 10×12′ Stand. It has a rigid quality metal design with 3 thick cotton muslin backgrounds with carrying case for both the stand and muslin backdrops.

Video Production Video Editing Software

How the pendulum of best video editing software swings back and forth. For a long time Final Cut Pro was top dog for best editing software, but as of the writing of this article Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is taking the movie editing software world by storm. Dedicated Final Cut Pro movie editing users are stopping and taking notice of how Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 takes advantage of the raw power of today’s machines.

At this point Final Cut Pro’s movie editing software hasn’t taken full advantage of all the hardware accelerators in today’s systems. Final Cut Pro movie software up until this point has enjoyed a dedicated following. This shows the power of listening to your audience and addressing their concerns in product development.

We hear time and time again the power of Final Cut Pro Video Editing Software is in its ease of use. This was true, at the time Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 was as they say clunky. This is in my personal opinion liken to the similar relationship seen between a Mac and a PC. Adobe very much moves in the same circles as Mac users and it was only a matter of time before it streamlined its process and perfected its design interface.

Another contender for best video editing software is Vegas Pro. We have a copy here, in case someone prefers an option only available in Vegas Pro movie software, but honestly we primarily use Adobe Premiere from the Adobe Master Collection for movie editing.

If you are going to use any 3 of Adobe products, it just makes more sense to just purchase the Adobe master suite. Some Adobe packages are nearly $1,000 all by themselves. Buy 3 and you paid as much as the whole master suite.

Included in the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection is Adobe After Effects CS6 movie editing software. This is a fantastic package and the best editing software for adding just about any special effect you can imagine. If you can’t find it in Adobe After Effects CS6 it is most likely available as a 3rd party plug-in.

The primary focus of this 8 part video production series was to introduce to you the many options available in the industry used to create a website video. Whether that is a video tutorial, interview or documentary. Now we are not implying that you should rush out and buy everything you read in this 8 part series or anything at all. It’s the power of knowing your options, that will enable you. In today’s market with overseas imports, costs have never been lower and options have never been more abundant.

If you liked this article, please like and share this article on now, because we want to thank you in advance for helping others to imagine and take control of their own success and create a website as you have. Thank you again and we look forward to presenting you the next in this tutorial series How to Create a Website Step 25 Connect with Video Chat.

If you are just joining this 30 step website tutorial series on how to create a website, you might like to start from the beginning How to Create a Website Step in 30 Steps.

If you need more assistance on how to create a website video, contact us to schedule an appointment for a conference call. We would be happy to look over your project and give helpful advice where ever possible. Please call us at 1.480.664.3700 or send us an email at Support@Domain-Cheap.com with subject line (Create and Upload Videos) with a brief description of how we can assist you to create a website.

Cheap domains and cheap hosting are just the beginning, now you’ll learn how to create a website.®


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