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How to Create a Website Step 28 Product Review Marketing

How to Create a Website Step 28 Product Review Marketing

How to Create a Website Step 28 Product Review Marketing.

Once you have learned to increase your reputation through blog testimonial marketing, it’s time to learn about product review marketing. Here we will learn how bloggers create website reviews that improve your products success

If you have been following these website tutorials, you have set out to create a website following and by this point you have established a great public opinion of you and your offerings. This respect is now being expressed throughout the social and blog community in the form of customer testimonials. The traffic to your website should be considerable and you are starting to see brand recognition of your offerings. If you feel at this point your product is fully matured and market ready then it is now time to use some of your recognition to approach some of the review sites across the internet.

Review websites will specialize in different areas. The fastest way to find sites reviewing offerings like yours is to search Google for products like yours being reviewed. It is that simple. At this point it’s all about the perception of you and your offering. If you have a strong public opinion then more than likely you are already getting reviewed by the smaller review websites and you can start approaching the medium to larger ones. If you haven’t even got one review yet, you might start with the smaller sites and suggest your product for review.

One of the more popular ways to handle the delicate legal issues surrounding offering a product for review is to suggest the product be reviewed for a give away by the review site. This drives excitement for your product and the review website. To meet your legal obligation the review website will thank you for donating your product for review and the prize give away.

Like in all cases like these, this is not legal advice and you need to review the laws in your area to insure you are correctly disclosing to the public. Handled correctly product review marketing is a great way to drive public interest surrounding your offerings.

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If you are just joining this 30 step website tutorial series on how to create a website, you might like to start from the beginning How to Create a Website Step in 30 Steps.

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