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How to Create a Website Step 26 Blog Comment Marketing

How to Create a Website Step 26 Blog Comment Marketing

How to Create a Website Step 26 Blog Comment Marketing.

Once you have learned how to connect with video chat, it’s time to learn blog comment marketing. Here we will learn how to make website traffic through blog social discussions.

Here we will learn more on how to create a website by following through with the importance of blog comment marketing. There is a global conversation happening right now, similar to people talking in house and on the streets. Through in house sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ Plus as well on the virtual streets through the blog community with blog comments. A blog comment is just like a comment on Facebook, Google+ plus or Twitter, it is just very localized to just that blog. Also the comment reaction time can be a lot slower than on the big social sites. The end results are very similar and can be a great source of focused conversation.

One of the most common mistakes is approaching comment marketing strictly for the purpose of getting that blog to point back to your website or blog. This is one of the byproducts of engaging in a global conversation and should not be one of the goals. Your primary goal should be to engage in relevant conversations surrounding your topics of person or business interest.

Many if not most of the conversational rules that apply to social media networks like Google+ Plus, Twitter and Facebook apply to blog comments. When you’re trying to build a public global identity it is not recommended that you spam everyone with your products. You’re a professional and should appear that way. Engage the conversation with the intent to further the maturity of the points being made. A good rule to follow is to only speak of yourself 25% of the time and your products only 25% of that time.

Look on reading and commenting on blogs like your attending a great book reading by a A list problogger author. Eventually you will want to comment on what author has read or comment on comments from their audience. Remember when you comment, everyone in their audience is now listening to you and you will be remembered for the next words out of your mouth. Don’t let yourself be remembered as “nice book, come see my widget at www.widget.com. This will do nothing for your public image.

There are some important points to remember. There are now literally millions of blogs in the world and if you ever want to be successful in blogging, you will need to gain the respect of your blogging peers. You will be surprised how much impact can come from what you say right now. What you say in your blog comment might seem insignificant now, but the truth is it can also lead to an invitation to become a guest blogger. If handled correctly guest blogging is one of the fastest tracks to success for a good writer. So take the time, read the article and make every comment count, because you NEVER know who is listening.

The global conversation is maturing at an alarming rate. People are now less seeing it as a conversation of novelty and more a serious conversation of self respect. People take these conversations more seriously now than they ever have. When professional bloggers see ignorant comments left on a blog attached to a professional website or product, this can reflect negatively on your product or business through their negative reviews. Right now it is only the human visitors that can measure your professionalism, wait until Google can perceive a lack of professionalism and how that will reflect on your future business. Get in good habits now, you can only stand to gain from this.

The best advise we can give is to get out there and engage the world in conversation on your business or personal topics and only mention your products where it very relevant to do so. If it feels awkward to mention your product at any point it probably will be perceived that way, so don’t. Your success will be measured by those that respect your words and opinions. If relevant, respectfully mention articles you’ve written on the topics being discussed, but don’t push them. Readers will find your articles naturally and link to them out of respect for you and your viewpoints.

In the end the faster and more you read and engage in the global conversation the more professional respect, traffic and links your business will receive. So just do a search on Google for your favorite topic and start reading and engaging in the global conversation.

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