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How to Create a Website Step 25 Connect with Video Chat

How to Create a Website Step 25 Connect with Video Chat

How to Create a Website Step 25 Connect with Video Chat.

Once you have learned how to create and upload videos, it’s time to connect with video chat. Here we will be creating a website video chat service, enabling you to connect with your visitors.

The option to create a website video chat for business or personal use has grown with the varied numbers available applications to the average web developer. Some of the more popular solutions help you to video chat with people using Google+ Hangouts, Gmail video chat, Apple’s Facetime, Skype, Facebook Rounds and Airtime just to name a few.

Social media in its varied forms has taken the world by storm. For many users it can be over whelming. Unfortunately progress waits for no one. Just ask many of the large companies that didn’t take social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook seriously and now are scrambling to catch up to their competitors.

For many people they feel talking on services like Twitter and Facebook is nothing more than idle chit chat like talking about meaningless topics while waiting in line at a coffee shop. Let us just say it may appear meaningless if the chat was with a few people, but now social media outlets are talking in numbers of hundreds of millions of users. All these users are tuned to their social media services for conversions of interest or asking questions of their own pressing matters.

It is true there are people still chatting on what they had eaten this morning, but if you are a breakfast manufacturer this is a very important chat. Social media is not the idle fancy of desperate users seeking the admiration of strangers. It is a global conversation composed of an infinite number of topics and social media video chat is just another extension of the medium used to reach out and connect with the world.

As strange as it might sound global search titan Google is only now just rushing head strong into the social media market with Google+ Plus, but rushing they are. Google has made it their top priority to embrace all aspect of this new social media evolution. There are a lot of debates if Google missed the boat on this one and can they catch up to Facebook.com.

With so many users and Google employees around the world rushing to join Facebook, do you really think Google the company was caught unaware. It has been said if you’re going to do something you better do it right the first time. Something as integrated as Google+ Plus and as game changing to Googles infrastructure is not something to take lightly or to be rushed. An evolution of this scale doesn’t happen overnight, but it would appear they have done it.

With an ever growing number of social media video chat developers rushing to overfill the voids of social media application, we attempted to gather some of the more popular solutions below. Each solution has its own integration path when you create a website video chat service for your own website.

Google+ Hangouts launched in 2011 and leverages Google’s network for up to 10 users

Gmail Video Chat – Gmail introduced peer-to-peer video chat in 2008

Apple’s Facetime – FaceTime was announced by then Apple CEO Steve Jobs in 2010

Skype originally created in 2003 now owned by Microsoft since 2011.

Facebook Rounds – Facebook Rounds launched in 2009

Airtime – Airtime the chat room of tomorrow launched in 2012

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