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How to Create a Website Step 18 Social Media Integrating your Website

How to Create a Website Step 18 Social Media Integrating your Website

How to Create a Website Step 18 Social Network your Website.

After you have completed your website submissions it’s time to social network your website. Here we show how to create a website that is connected to the social networks.

How to create a website social network seems to be the number one question asked these days. On an average day you can’t go anywhere without hearing something about at least one of the social networks. Social media rushed into our lives like a wave of possibility.

At last a medium that allows users to keep in touch at the touch of a button, with a level of interactivity only multimedia can provide. Now at any moment, you can see amateur videos of current events happening all over the world and get them just as quick as the average user can upload them.

You can get up to the minute updates of ideas and opinions of famous people you would have never dreamed possible just 10 years ago. If you have an issue, you can just jump online ask for help and get an answer right away. With all this exposure it is no wonder why millions of people are using these new mediums to catapult their businesses to success.

The next generation internet is upon us and it is now possible to seamlessly integrate a website into the social networks without losing our individuality. It is in fact our individuality that defines our uniqueness in this new popular medium. This environment encourages difference and the expression of unconventional thinking. It’s your unique voice that pierces the darkness of cyber space and attracts users to the light of your message. With clarity of vision and energy for ideas you will gain a greater audience in social networks. People want to be inspired by the possibilities and they will look to you for answers, you just need to listen and socialize.

Look at the social networks like the world is having the largest never ending party and your invited. Some of the greatest ideas and business deals in history were made at social parties. People coming together in friendly expression.

Like any social gathering, the average guest at the party is looking to engage in discussion. This is why when connecting your business with social networks it is not recommended to push your business products. Do not run around showing or asking people if they would like to buy your product or service.

Then one might ask how is this useful to my business? As we’ve said previously, some of the greatest business deals in history were conducted at parties. Think of it this way. First you must strike up a conversation and how you do this is to first listen. Listen for the questions being asked and seek to help answer them. Like at a party you would say, “I couldn’t help over hearing your question, I think I can help”. This is very similar in social networks. The difference is in most cases they are asking everyone.

Help people with their problems and use your natural social skills to expand the conversation. Try not to move conversations too fast and make people uncomfortable. Many people use the same social skills they use in dating to make more friends in social networks. In dating we are more attentive to first attractions, because we see it as a once in a life time event and we don’t want to lose our chance. At the same time we also don’t want to express too much attraction and appear desperate if they aren’t moving as fast emotionally. Find a common interest and use that as your segue to expand this and future conversations.

People are curious by nature. When someone has made a connection with you socially they are going to be curious who you are and what your qualifications are. If anything, they are going to want to verify that you are qualified to answer their questions. This is where subtlety is key. You want to instill confidence in them, but not appear like your selling something. Just be naturally helpful, expecting nothing in return and you will create a new contact that may come visit your website after viewing your social profiles.

Social profiles are where people learn more about you in your own words. This is an area you should give a lot of thought and focus. Your social profile is often your first or second point of contact. You should describe yourself or your business as genuinely interested in people and business.
Some of you might be asking what if I’m not really a people person and honestly not interested in day to day conversations with people. To this we have to say, you get out of life what you put back into it. The social networks have brought a lot of success to a great many people by socializing. We are all capable of socializing, you just need to actively search for interest in conversations. To some this is work to others it comes naturally.

Each one of us are the product of a culmination of the events in our lives. We are shaped by our life experiences. If you are not a social person then it is because of these life events. In our experience even the most unsocial person can become social, even if it is for just a momentary passing interest. Each one of us are capable of growth and there are a lot of rewards awaiting you in the social networks.

Just make it a personal goal of yours to seek to find at least one interesting point in each conversation you have in a day. Set daily social challenges for yourself. Can you inspire the other person to carry the conversation further. Can you get them to talk about themselves. Can you get them to genuinely ask questions about you.

Domain-Cheap.com actively seeks for the success of our customers. If any of our customers would like to learn more about socializing please do not hesitate in scheduling an appointment. Socializing is now an integral part of business and we are more than willing to take time to talk with you.

Now we are going to talk about how to create a website social network connection. First you must establish what social networks you would like to connect with. We recommend Google+, Facebook.com, Twitter.com and YouTube.com as your first primary focus. Now you need to establish who or what is going to be your public facing entity. Will you be talking as yourself? Will you be talking as your company? Will you be talking as yourself working for your company?

Try to create accounts that contain your company name in the personalized URL such as:

At the time of this writing Google+ plus hasn’t integrated personalized URLs yet. We expect them sometime in the future, because their employees are using them currently.

In our opinion personalized URLs look more professional and carry some weight with the search engines. After you get all the social network accounts setup, you can then create a website link to those accounts. First option is in your main menu on your website, create a website main menu entry for social networks and put each network site as a sub entry under that menu. The second option is to create a website main menu entry for each of the social networks. Which option you choose is dependent on how much space you have in your website main menu.

Once you complete this phase and have entered all the necessary links in all the social network sites you can now navigate around from site to site within your new personal social network. This will in effect connect all social networks Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube into your own personal social network. This will allow anyone from any one of the social networks to get to your profile on any one of the other social networks.

What other experts are saying:

If you liked this article, please like and share this article on now, because we want to thank you in advance for helping others to imagine and take control of their own success and create a website as you have. Thank you again and we look forward to presenting you the next in this tutorial series How to Create a Website Step 19 Article Submission Marketing.

If you are just joining this 30 step website tutorial series on how to create a website, you might like to start from the beginning How to Create a Website Step in 30 Steps.

Now it’s simply a matter of getting out and socializing. Try so spend at least a bit of time on each network each day socializing. We will be talking more about specifics on each network in future articles. For now if you need more assistance on how to create a website social network or need other answers, contact us to schedule an appointment for a conference call. We would be happy to look over your project and give helpful advice where ever possible. Please call us at 1.480.664.3700 or send us an email at Support@Domain-Cheap.com with subject line (Social Network your Website) with a brief description of how we can assist you to create a website.

Cheap domains and cheap hosting are just the beginning, now you’ll learn how to create a website.®


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