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How to Create a Website Step 16 Quick Traffic from Pay Per Click

How to Create a Website Step 16 Quick Traffic from Pay Per Click

How to Create a Website Step 16 Quick Traffic from Pay Per Click.

Once you officially launch your website, here is where you can get some quick traffic from pay per click With the savings from our cheap domains and cheap hosting services and the fact you learned to create a website free, you are free to spend some of those savings on pay per click to see some traffic right away.

Now that you have officially launched your website it is only a matter of time before the search engines find it. The search engines will begin exploring your creation, indexing all its pages and displaying them to relevant search queries by its users.

You can help this process along by buying an express ticket to the front of the line. Pay Per click as it is known, is the purchasing of traffic on a single click basis. Each search term on the internet is a keyword with inherent traffic attached to it.

Depending on the popularity of keyword search terms, it will dictate its market value and cost per click. Yahoo and MSN have a minimum cost per click of .05 Cents US. For Google the minimum cost per click is .15 Cents. The sky is the limit for the maximum cost per click and is dependent on the competitiveness of the keyword phrase. Amounts exceeding $100.00 per click are not unheard of in the legal and insurance industry. The more you SEO or search engine optimize your ads and content the more relevant you will be for the keyword and the lower your cost per click will be.

For our customers creating a website for the first time we DO NOT recommend exceeding the minimum cost per click. It is true that by not raising above the minimum bid per click, could exclude you from certain higher paying search markets. We say “could” because it’s not definite. Search engines are out to make money by matching their users to relevant search markets. Sometimes there isn’t a full house biding on the search terms and your website could be more relevant that any of the high paying websites. This doesn’t mean you will take the number one position. It does mean you stand a chance of being displayed some of the time even at the lower bid amount. So be aware of this fact when you set your account spending limits, because a strong search term can consume a lot of money in short order even at the lower bid amounts.

Writing good SEO Search Engine Optimized ad copy is the best way to improve your page views with more hits. It is critical to create good ad copy that has a clear call to action for the visitor. As previously mentioned in How to Create a Website Step 3 Do your Keyword research you must anticipate the needs of the user of a keyword. Does your website meet the needs of the keyword being search. If not how can you change that. If you don’t align your ad copy and content to the needs of the keyword being searched you stand a chance of burning through your advertising budget with little to no conversion results.

Think deeply and creatively in the keyword discovery phase covered in these previous steps:

The previous steps will have a huge impact of boosting your hits to your website. In fact considering this is for most customers their first website, we recommend regularly revisiting the first 3 steps brainstorming new relevant markets. Doing so will only bring you closer understanding of your markets and competitors.

Create a website with a great home page is paramount to great sales conversions. Many people do not understand why they rather buy from one website over another, when nothing other than the website design is different. The ascetic qualities of a website can have a very subconscious effect on visitors. Sometimes it just comes down to good fashion sense. If a design is dated in appearance they feel the product might be sub standard like the website. With modern web builders it’s easy to keep updating your design based on the latest in web design fashion. With Domain-Cheap.com’s strategic partnership with CSSGallery.com we are able to stay on top of the latest in CSS gallery web design and relay these ideas and styles to our customers. Good web design goes hand in hand with good PPC conversions.

PPC is a great way to pay for a glimpse of the organic market to come and begin testing your marketing strategies now. PPC can act like a bridge over the void of obscurity to popularity.

If you liked this article, please like and share this article on now, because we want to thank you in advance for helping others to imagine and take control of their own success and create a website as you have. Thank you again and we look forward to presenting you the next in this tutorial series How to Create a Website Step 17 Website Submissions.

If you are just joining this 30 step website tutorial series on how to create a website, you might like to start from the beginning How to Create a Website Step in 30 Steps.

If you need assistance in your PPC campaign or need answers, contact us to schedule an appointment for a conference call. We would be happy to look over your project and give helpful advice where ever possible. Please call us at 1.480.664.3700 or send us an email at Support@Domain-Cheap.com with subject line (Quick Traffic from Pay Per Click) with a brief description of how we can assist you to create a website.

Cheap domains and cheap hosting are just the beginning, now you’ll learn how to create a website.®


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