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How to Create a Website Step 14 Verify your Website Usability

How to Create a Website Step 14 Verify your Website Usability

How to Create a Website Step 14 Verify your Website Usability.

Once you completed the previous step upload and publish your website, it is time to verify your website usability. Here you will ask yourself, can I create my own website to work as users expect?

To create a website, modern website builder software can only take you so far. Users come to expect certain usability factors to be in a website inherently. Like the company logo in the upper left corner of the header. They expect the main navigation menu to be just below the header. Visitors look for the main content to be just below the main menu.

Sometimes the main content is centered to the right of an optional left side column menu. The left side column menu is optional and seems to come in and out of style, so users tend to be tolerant of its existence or lack thereof. Many would say this holds true for the main menu under the header and to an extent this is true. Many websites either have a top main menu or left main menu or both.

The reason we draw attention to what is seemingly simple concepts, is for just that reason. We see simple things every day and come to expect those concepts to be just so. When we see that world doesn’t follow those simple expectations, it can elicit an emotional response. This response can vary from user to user in severity. Some people are very resilient and love to solve problems and will find the path to their needs. While others will become frustrated and see the creators of the website as amateurs that have no place doing business with them. While the latter is harsh, it is a simple truth in our fast paced world. In a rush we tend to be more id based and want instant gratification NOW! When we don’t get it, there can be hell to pay. I think each of us can understand these feelings. Is there ever enough time in a day to complete what you must get done? This is why as web designers we must as best we can anticipate the users desires before they do and provide for them. We must see the world through the eyes of standards.

The standards everyone expects to see can be seen in this example. Take the average successful convenience store chain. When you enter any one of these stores, you instinctually know exactly where you need to go to get the items you need. This doesn’t happen by chance. This is the company anticipating your needs and positioning those needs within range of the greatest convenience to the door. This is a standard that isn’t developed over night. This is developed over time with a lot of sales analysis and customer testing.

Another example is the average operating system for a computer. It is true most operating system GUI interfaces were born of the same origins, but they all have evolved over time around human usability. Companies gets an idea approved and attempts to challenge the paradigm and change the standards with new innovative ideas. The company attempts to do as much usability testing during the development phase. The outcome of innovation can be a smashing success as in the case of Facebook.com over MySpace.com.

In conclusion most developers create a website builder to adhere to the standards of the day. It is how we use these website builders to create a website that is in question. We advise before trying to change the expected standards, do some split testing of your new innovative web design to see how your audience is reacting. You do not want your users getting lost and never returning.

If you liked this article, please like and share this article on now, because we want to thank you in advance for helping others to imagine and take control of their own success and create a website as you have. Thank you again and we look forward to presenting you the next in this tutorial series How to Create a Website Step 15 Officially Launch your Website.

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If you need more assistance to verify your website usability or need answers to your questions, contact us to schedule an appointment for a conference call. We would be happy to look over your project and give helpful advice where ever possible. Please call us at 1.480.664.3700 or send us an email at Support@Domain-Cheap.com with subject line (Verify your Website Usability ) with a brief description of your ideas and direction to create a website.

Cheap domains and cheap hosting are just the beginning, now you’ll learn how to create a website.®


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