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How to register a cheap domain name

How to register a domain name for $1.99.  Before  you can build your cheap website you must first register a domain name.  Here you will learn how to register a cheap domain names with help from our professional support staff.  This will be a step by step tutorial guide on how to register domain names for $1.99.  The first question every new customer will ask themselves is why and how Domain-Cheap.com provides cheap domains for  $1.99.


NOTE: If you already know how to register a cheap domain name then use the form above to register your cheap name.


WHY does Domain-Cheap.com offer cheap domain names at $1.99?  Domain-Cheap.com operates on a business model that behaves much like a partnership with our customers.  If our customers are to succeed they need to be afforded all the opportunities of a partnership.  As a result Domain-Cheap.com relies on a performance based business model that is directly connected to the success of its customers.  Put simply Domain-Cheap.com relies on volume and if our customers do not succeed, we do not succeed.


HOW does Domain-Cheap.com offer cheap domain names at $1.99?  Domain-Cheap.com packages necessary products together offsetting the cost of already cheap domains at $8.99 lowered to $1.99.  In this case if you purchase any non domain product with your domain you will get that domain for $1.99.  In either case we always want to be clear and up front with our customers.  Standard cheap domain prices are $8.99 and package pricing is $1.99.  Even at our standard non packaged cheap domain name rates of $8.99, we still have the cheapest domain name prices on the internet.


Non package pricing is what new customers need to pay special attention to.  Many other domain registrars try to attract your business with reduced prices.  These prices are of course their package deals.   Customers should look at the standard domain name renewal prices, before registering a domain.


Below are some examples of domain name prices of other registrars as of 4/13/2013.


Registrar Price
Domain-Cheap.com        $8.99 a year.
Moniker $9.59 a year.
1&1 $9.99 a year.
ResellerClub $9.99 a year.
NameCheap $10.69 a year.
Name.com $10.99 a year.
Hover $15.00 a year.
Gandi $15.50 a year.
Register $30.00 a year.
Network Solutions $35.00 a year.
Melbourne IT $36.50 a year.
ENOM Central $39.95 a year.




As you can  see from the pricing examples above our standard pricing deserves the confidence our customer continue to have in Domain-Cheap.com.


NOTE: If you already know how to register a cheap domain name then use the form above to register your cheap name.


What is a cheap domain name? A  cheap domain name is the home of your website ending with extensions like .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz, .tv and many more. The current list of available TLD top level domain extensions is lengthy, but most customer commonly select extensions like .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz and .tv.  The “.com” reigns supreme as the number one popular TLD top level domain extension.  We suggest trying for “.com” cheap domain registrations first.


Before you register a domain name, make a list of several website domain name options.  The first option is always your company’s names or personal name for a blog.  If you haven’t selected a company name, then this is where you can come up with one.


At this stage be creative and be open to the many possibilities.  Try to view your new business or personal cheap website through the eyes of your visitors or customers.  What would they type into the search engines to get to your cheap website.  You can use this as a base to start from.  As an example if your business was domain names. You could either create a name that has no connection to keywords other than it sounds cool and similar to the concept such as “Doominze”.  The other option would be to try and register what is considered premium domains, such as CheapDomainNames or CheapNames etc.  The reason these domain names are considered premium is because the domain name is based on the core keywords searched for by your customers on search engines.  When search engines find keywords in a domain name, it assists greatly in that domain name coming up in the search results for those keywords.


A common business tactic on the internet is to establish your core company name,  whether that’s a premium keyword domain or creative name.  At this point these customers become their own competition, registering premium keyword domains.  Each of these keywords will rank on the search engines far easier then the creative name.  These names should be made private as to protect the identity of the owner.  It is fact that when you run two competing businesses on the same keyword on the search engines, it achieves much greater business then just one.  Customers repeat this process across hundreds of keywords, channeling all business through the core company.


If any of our customers would like assistance with this brainstorming process of searching for keywords please feel free to contact us at support@domain-cheap.com and schedule an appointment.

Please set make the email subject (Premium Keyword Cheap domain names).




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