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Cheapest domain names


A Cheap domain is orientated from right to left starting with the top level domains (TLD) such as “.com” in www.domain-cheap.com. “Domain-Cheap” is known as a mid level domain or child domain in relation to “.com”. Finally “www” in this example is known as a sub domain, with each of these domain levels separated by dots. Below are examples of Domain-Cheap.com’s more popular and cheapest top-level name cheap domains.


Name Entity Name Entity Name Entity Name Entity
.COM Commercial .COM.MX Mexico Commercial .COM.ES Spain Commercial .FIRM.IN India
.CO Colombia .BZ Belize .NOM.ES Spain Individuals .GEN.IN India General
.INFO Information .COM.BZ Belize Commercial .ORG.ES Spain Organization .IND.IN India Individuals
.NET Network .NET.BZ Belize Network .IT Italy .NET.IN India Network
.ME Montenegro .GS South Georgia .FR France .ORG.IN India Organization
.ORG Organization .MS Montserrat .NL Netherlands .JP Japan
.BIZ Business .TC Turks and Caicos Islands .AM Armenia .NU Niue
.MOBI Mobile devices .VG British Virgin Islands .AT Austria .CO.NZ New Zealand Commercial
.US United States of America .COM.BR Brazil Commercial .BE Belgium .NET.NZ New Zealand Network
.CA Canada .NET.BR Brazil Network .CO.UK United Kingdom Commercial .ORG.NZ New Zealand Organization
.CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands .COM.CO Colombia Commercial .ME.UK United Kingdom General .TK Tokelau
.XXX Adult entertainment .NET.CO Colombia Network .ORG.UK United Kingdom Organization .TW Taiwan
.WS Samoa .NOM.CO Colombia Individuals .SE Sweden .COM.TW Taiwan Commercial
.ASIA Asia-Pacific region .EU European Union .FM Federated States of Micronesia .ORG.TW Taiwan Organization
.TV Tuvalu .DE Germany .IN India .IDV.TW Taiwan Individuals
.MX Mexico .ES Spain .CO.IN India Commercial


How to select a Cheap domain name.

Domain-Cheap.com offers a large inventory of carefully selected Cheap domains allowing for a lot of personal and business naming options. Below we will discuss the steps or helpful process when selecting a domain.


Start with a “.com”. TLD (top level domain). With the continued growing popularity of “.com” cheap domain names, it is habit for people to remember a personal or business website as a .com. This makes “.com” the first and most logical choice when selecting your first domain name. “.com” adds credibility because of this world wide acceptance.


There are many popular websites that do operate on TLDs other then “.com”. In many of these cases it was because the original “.com” was simply not available at the time and was later acquired when the company was more successful. When the preferred cheap name was finally acquired either the old domain or new domain is redirect to the other.


A popular example of a website starting on something other than “.com” is del.icio.us or delicious.com. In the beginning they existed on a very creative version where they registered icio on the TLD country code “.us”. From there they created a sub domain “del” and combined it all together to form del.icio.us. This creative thinking changed how many viewed and registered cheap domain names. If you were to type in del.icio.us today, you will see del.icio.us redirects to delicious.com.


We advise our customers to select “.com” to start cheap hosting, because there is no guarantee the owner of your preferred domain will sell for any amount of money later on and in the mean time that preferred domain will receive all the traffic trying to reach you by mistakenly typing in “.com”.


To a lesser extent international traffic may try to reach you on your international extension. For this reason Domain-Cheap.com recommends as an example registering first a .com and then .us or the TLD country code of your country and all countries you will operate in.


There is a harsh reality to the internet we would like to advise. When starting an internet business, be aware there are an alarming number of individuals who will seek to exploit any mistakes you make in this early phase of selecting cheap domain names. As you grow in success they will try to exploit you, when you finally get around to purchasing that domain you missed in the early stages of your business launch on the internet. These individuals will either ask an exceedingly large sum of money for the missed domains or worse they will exploit greater sums of money by pointing that traffic to dis-respectable and embarrassing business objectives such as displaying and selling adult material. This is the primary reason Domain-Cheap.com refuses to mark up cheap domain name pricing at any amount. This business cornerstone affords our customer all the options to fully protect themselves.


As with all information provided on Domain-Cheap.com, we always ask our new customers to feel free to verify our facts and gain confidence in knowing that our primary business goals are based on your success not on the products you purchase.



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