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Website Analytics

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Site Analytics

Uncover the secrets to improving your site, increasing sales and more.

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Get the insight you need to succeed on the Web.

The key to any successful website is knowing your visitors. Site Analytics gives you the valuable, real-time data you need – information you can use to spotlight popular products, target new customers, track offer responses and much more. With over 30 detailed reports, you can find out where your visitors are coming from, what paths they take through your site, even where in the world they live.

Site Analytics
$1.49 /mo
  • Online dashboard for quick review
  • Real-time stats and data
  • Over 30 detailed reports
  • Secure (SSL) mode encrypts your data
How many websites do you want to monitor?

Stats at-a-glance

Get the information you want – without having to click through countless screens – with our customizable dashboard view.


Real-time results

With Site Analytics' real-time statistics, you don't have to wait until tomorrow to find out if changes to your site are working. Plus, heat mapping and pinpoint functionality tell you which sections or links are getting the most attention.


In-depth reporting

Dig into the details and get a better understating of your customers with more than 30 reports. Find out who's visiting, when they're on your site, how they're getting there and much more.


Choose your view

Site Analytics lets you decide how you want to view your data with three graphing options (Bar, Area and Line) as well as the ability to export to Microsoft Excel® or Adobe® PDF.


Powerful, easy-to-use features let you dig as deep as you want.

Everyone wants something different from their site statistics. Some people want a quick, birds-eye view; others want to get lost in the details. That's the beauty of Site Analytics; it works for everyone. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive features put you in control so you can get exactly what you want.


See what's happening

  • Get a quick overview of your site's traffic and visitors with a selection of dashboard widgets.
  • Real-time statistics let you see, almost instantly, how changes to your site impact your traffic.
  • Improve your site's structure and usability by seeing where people click and which links get the most attention with heat mapping.

Organize your data

  • Find the information you need with more than 30 reports in several categories: Visitor, Page, Referrer and Server.
  • Visualize the data the way you want with three different graphing options: Bar, Area and Line. Plus, set custom date ranges to target your results!
  • Share your data with co-workers and clients by exporting to Microsoft Excel® or Adobe® PDF. You can even create a schedule to email customized reports.
  • Get separate reports for each alias and subdomain — simply add them as separate Site Analytics accounts.

And much more

  • Easily collect stats on your WordPress® site with our free Site Analytics plugin.
  • Enable secure (SSL) mode to encrypt your data so it can't be viewed by others during transmission.
  • Analyze long-term trends and improvements with up to 6 months of Log File data.
  • Use Site Analytics with any website, whether you host with us or a third party.
  • Get answers whenever you have a question, day or night, with 24/7 phone and online support.

Site Analytics $1.49/mo

  • Online dashboard for quick review
  • Real-time stats and data
  • Over 30 detailed reports
  • Secure (SSL) mode encrypts your data
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Better statistics mean better results.

With more than 30 in-depth reports, from visitor information to link and page errors, Site Analytics gives you a complete, comprehensive view of your customers and your website. And with real-time statistics, you can see when traffic is spiking and make changes to maximize your sales.

  Ours  Google
Free 24x7 supportProduct support by phone and email
— —
Real-time statisticsVisitor data available right away
Page viewsNumber of hits supported each month50 million5 million
Pinpoint trackingSee which links are clicked on the most
Overlay heatmapSee where visitors are clicking and where they are not
— —
Log file analysis and exportRely on hard-coded server logs
— —
Current visitorsVisitors currently on the website (real-time functionality enabled)
VisitorsVisitors and unique visitors
Visitor informationInformation on current and recent visitors
Visitor pathsThe paths visitors take on your site
Depth of visitNumber of pages viewed per visit
Time on siteThe time visitors spend on your site
LoyaltyReturn visits during the time range
Postal codesThe postal codes of your visitors
— —
CountriesThe home countries of your visitors
RegionsThe home states of your visitors
CitiesThe home cities of your visitors
Most popular hourWhat hours hits are at their highest
— —
Most popular dayPopularity by day of the week
— —
Page viewsThe total number of page views
PagesThe pages that are requested
Entry pagesThe pages on which visitors entered your site
Exit pagesThe pages from which your visitors left
Bounce ratePage visitors both entered and left from
Exit linksWhere your visitors went when they left your site
BrowsersVisitor browser preferences
Operating systemsVisitor OS preferences
Referring domainsThe domains that drive visits
Referring pagesThe pages that drive visits
Search enginesThe search engines that drive visits
KeywordsThe search engine keywords that drive visits
ErrorsPages that generated errors
— —
HitsThe total pages and files served to your visitors
FilesNon-Page hits and downloads
List of all content
Resource typesHits broken down by page and file type
— —
Bad resource linksYour site's broken links
— —
Bandwidth How much you're using because of hits
— —
File bandwidthHow much you're using because of downloads
— —
Conversion summaryTracking Ad ID campaign success
Conversion detailsDetailed analysis of Ad ID campaign success
Information correct as of July 29, 2011
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  • Over thirty reports from several categories, including Visitor, Page, Referrer and Server.