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Website Security

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Website Protection Site Scanner

Show visitors your site is safe from hackers and malware links with our trusted security seal.

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Don't get blacklisted by Google®. Find security threats before hackers do.

Site Scanner identifies malware links and security gaps on your website that could allow a hacker to steal information, vandalize your site or infect your customers. Our daily vulnerability scan looks for threats and gives you recommendations on how to fix them. Find a tough one? Call our hotline for FREE help from our security experts. Learn more about common threats.

Site Scanner
$4.74 /mo
  • Trusted Site Seal
  • Daily Malware Link Scan
  • Daily Website Vulnerability Scan
  • FREE Expert Support
  • Google "Blacklist" Check
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 > Scanning for one website
 > Online dashboard with scorecard
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Keep your site safe from malware & hackers

Site Scanner looks for malware links on your site and crawls the code for security gaps that a hacker could use to steal customer information and infect your visitors with spyware and viruses. Learn more about common ways a hacker can exploit your site and your customers.


Don't let your site get banned by Google

Google is constantly on the lookout for websites with suspicious activity. If it appears that your website may be spreading malware or viruses – even inadvertently – Google will ban your site and it won't appear when searched. Site Scanner looks for these vulnerabilities before they happen and does a daily check against the Google Safe Browsing list to make sure your site hasn't been blacklisted.


Direct access to Security Experts – FREE

For help, call our security hotline to speak to one of our experts – at no additional cost! Or use the online dashboard for help, education and information about IT security best practices.


Enhance visitor confidence with site seal

Increased customer confidence leads to increased revenue. When your customers see that your site is backed with daily vulnerability scans, they'll feel more confident visiting and interacting with your site.


Fully automated daily scans with email alerts

With Site Scanner, there's no software to manage and it's easy to set up. Daily scans check for thousands of Web-based vulnerabilities, then send you an email alert with a simple scorecard to let you know the severity of the issue: "Critical", "Warning" or "Informational".


Easy-to-read dashboard & reporting

Monitor results and improve your site's security with our online dashboard. Quickly see if any issues exist and get a detailed report on what they are, where they are, their threat level and suggestions on how to fix them.


Give your customers confidence

Show your visitors your site is safe and reliable with Website Protection Site Scanner, the easy way to detect and correct security threats on your site.


Automated daily scans

Identify threats and vulnerabilities on your website before they can be exploited. A daily scan looks for more than 3,000 vulnerabilities that a hacker could exploit to inject malware, spyware or steal customer information through phishing attacks. If any issues are discovered, you are notified via email or you can simply log in to the online dashboard to view the latest results.


Identify website vulnerabilities

Site Scanner scans forms, login and password fields, internal and external links – places a hacker could get in to deface your website, steal information or infect your customers with malware. Learn more about common threats and how Site Scanner helps protect you.


View your scorecard

If a vulnerability is discovered, your easy-to-read scorecard ranks the threat severity as either "Critical", "Warning" or "Informational", so you can prioritize and respond accordingly. The online dashboard lets you drill down for detailed information, report your fixes, dispute issues, request help, add notes and manage email alert settings.


Fix the threat with expert help.

Website Protection Site Scanner provides detailed reports and history, offering explanations of the issues, the location of the vulnerability and suggested courses of action. Best of all, you get additional assistance from our trained security professionals via email or direct access through our security hotline number.


Site secured

When your website is cleared of vulnerabilities, including malware links, the Website Protection seal will show the date of the most recently passed scan so your visitors know your site is free of critical vulnerabilities. The site seal remains visible as long as any vulnerabilities that may have caused a failed scan are addressed within 72 hours.


Site Scanner $4.74/mo

  • Trusted Site Seal
  • Daily Malware Link Scan
  • Daily Website Scan
  • FREE Expert Support
  • Google Safe Browsing "Blacklist" Check
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Protect your website against hackers, malware and fraud for less!

Dollar for dollar, Site Scanner is the most cost-effective website scanner on the market. It not only scans your website daily, but tells you how to fix whatever it finds. Plus it comes with a hotline for FREE expert help with anything you can't easily fix yourself. Compare and save!

  Website Protection
Site Scanner
Hacker Proof™
Number of websites scanned 1 1 - 4 1
Automated daily scans for security gaps   — —  
Automated daily scans for malware links     — —
Identifies major website vulnerabilities      
Monitor Google® Safe Browsing "blacklist"      
Phone and email support from security experts      
Vulnerability analysis and recommendations      
Trusted Site Seal to increase visitor confidence      
Monitor vulnerabilities with online dashboard      
Prioritize security issues with vulnerability score card     — —
Alert notifications      
Easy installation     — —
Information updated September 1, 2011

The Web can be a dangerous place. Let Site Scanner protect you.

Site Scanner looks for weaknesses on your website that a hacker can exploit. It scans forms, login and password fields, internal and external links – places where a hacker could get in to deface your website, steal information or infect your customers with malware. Site Scanner scans for more than 3,000 vulnerabilities every day, including spyware, back doors, SQL injection opportunities and cross-site scripting (XSS) holes. Here are just a few common examples:


Stealing your customer information

Input fields can be a hacker's playground. Any field that asks a visitor to enter information like their name, address, email, login name or password can allow a hacker into your website database, exposing all of your customer's information! When fields aren't checked properly, hackers can insert code that exposes everything in your database. This is a favorite exploit for identity theft.


Defacing your website

There is no better way to scare off customers than for a hacker to vandalize your website. Hackers can inject malicious code into input fields, so when your visitors submit comments or forms, derogatory messages appear. This makes it clear that your site is not secure!


Infecting your customers

Links on your website are also a common access point for hackers. For example, you may include a link on your site for your customers to download product information. If the URL is not properly checked on the server side, hackers can inject malicious code that redirects customers to another site and deploys spyware or malware to their computers.


Don't be blacklisted by Google®!

Without Site Scanner, you might not even know that your website is being used to spread malicious software. If your site is deemed "suspicious" by Google, they will "blacklist" it from their search engine – causing you to lose traffic, customers and sales. Site Scanner works to alert you of vulnerabilities before this can happen – and checks Google Safe Browsing daily to make sure your website isn't on the "blacklist".


Site Scanner $4.74/mo

  • Trusted Site Seal
  • Daily Malware Link Scan
  • Daily Website Scan
  • FREE Expert Support
  • Google Safe Browsing "Blacklist" Check
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Plan Includes
  • Trusted Site seal
  • Daily website vulnerability scan
  • Daily scan for malware links
  • Scanning for one website
  • Google Safe Browsing "blacklist" check
  • Online dashboard
  • Email notifications
  • Phone and email support from security experts

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  • Malware is short for "malicious software" and includes viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware. These programs are designed to gain unauthorized access to a computer system and steal information, deny operation and cause other types of damage.
  • When your customers see the trusted Website Protection site seal, they'll know your site is protected by a daily vulnerability scan so they can "click" with confidence.
  • Daily scans look for more than 3,000 website vulnerabilities that hackers can use to steal information, deface your website or infect your customers with malware.
    SC Magazine Awards 2011: Best Security Team

    Cheap Web Site Hosting & Domain Names was honored as the 2011 Best Security Team by SC Magazine. The SC Magazine Awards were organized to honor the professionals, companies and products that help fend off the myriad of security threats confronted in today's corporate world. Cheap Web Site Hosting & Domain Names's security team exists at the epicenter of the company's operations. Cheap Web Site Hosting & Domain Names is also the world's largest domain name registrar, the top web hosting provider and is the authoritative DNS provider for one-third of the internet.

  • Site Scanner checks forms, login and password fields, internal and external links – places a hacker could get in to vandalize your website, steal information or infect your customers with malware.
  • Make sure your site isn't blacklisted by Google® from inadvertently spreading malware or viruses. Site Scanner looks for vulnerabilities that a hacker could exploit and checks against the Google® Safe Browsing list to make sure your site hasn't been blacklisted.