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Domain Name Appraisals
Fast, affordable, expert domain name evaluations!
Get the most from your domain AND the biggest bang for your buck. Whether you're buying or selling, whether you want to save a lot or make a lot, Domain Name Appraisals gives you an expert evaluation of what a domain name is worth.

Choose the appraisal that works best for you:
  • Based on 5 critical factors  
  • Results in 2 hours or less
  • Appraisal displayed via a secure Web page
  • In-Depth Analysis of 5 Industry Standards  
  • Results in 2 business days or less
  • Appraisal displayed via a secure Web page
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Manage Domain Appraisals
Express Domain Appraisal
Certified Domain Appraisal
Express Appraisals are based on Commercial Use, Brand Recognition, Name Length, Dot Value, Hyphen/Numeric and Word Count. Step up to a Certified appraisal and you'll also receive an in-depth analysis of five critical industry standards.

Choose from either Express or Certified appraisals, click "Add to Cart" and you're on your way. After checkout, login to your Account Manager to enter the domain(s) you want appraised. You'll get your Domain Name Appraisal Express results in 2 hours or less! (Certified Appraisals are available within 2 business days.)